The Shark Steam Mop

The Shark Steam Mop

The Shark steam mop is an excellent and convenient surface cleaning machine, but how it's used makes the difference regarding cleaning efficiency. It is an innovative floor mop that saves you time when cleaning surfaces. Compared with regular mops, the Shark steam mop makes it convenient to touch up surfaces quickly. To know the real value of your machine and how well it cleans, there is a guideline you should follow

A good Shark steam mop usually allows the user to select from three settings mop, scrub, and dust. They have a quick release cleaning head that comes in 2 shapes; triangle and rectangle. To clean corners, all you need is to replace the rectangular head withthe triangle head. However, to start cleaning, you should have ordinary water and the power source, that’s all.

Using your Shark Steam Mop

To start off, make sure that you do not use your mop without adding some water to the reservoir and attaching a microfiber pocket first. If you’re using the unit for the first time, you should understand that the superheated steam is ready in thirty seconds time and provides 99% sanitization on surfaces without harsh chemicals. For safety and precision when using the equipment, make sure you follow the steps below.

Step 1.  Pull and twist the unit’s “quick release cord holder” to unwrap the power cord

plugging in a Shark Steam Mop

Doing such saves on time in latter stages. Plug the cord into a 120-V electrical outlet and make sure the power light changes to blue. Your unit should take about thirty seconds to heat up plus the steam to be ready. Before using the steam mop, make sure your floor is clean or vacuumed

Step 2.  Pump the Mop’s handle severally in a downward motion.

The reason for pumping the unit's handle is to release steam on the entire system. The pump action can also enable a person to customize the amount of steam he /she wants. Start mopping with a back or forth motion or forth back motion, whichever way you want; it’s your choice. Besides, the natural mopping is one that generates steam used to clean surfaces

Step 3.  Is there any side of the microfiber dirty?

If yes, flip the mop’s head and start cleaning with the other side. This is because dirt can’t hide on both sides; it only does so in one area. When switching the mop head or the microfiber pockets, wait for about five minutes for the steam mop to cool off first

Step 4.  Any time the mop’s water reservoir is empty, the unit stops to generate steam.

A good thing about the steam mop is that you can refill its water tank anytime you need, provided you unplug the unit from the power outlet. This also applies when switching mop heads or the microfiber pockets. Make sure you do not leave the steam mop in a damp or wet micro fiber pocket on the floor surface even for five seconds. Doing so might damage the floor

How to Care For Your Shark Steam Mop

For your steam mop to stay longer and maximize on output, there are safety measures you should take into account when using or after using the unit.

1. After using the steam mop and your floor is thoroughly clean, unplug the mop’s cord from the power outlet and then move the unit in an upright position. Next, let it cool for about three to five minutes and then release the steam by pruning the unit’s handle several times before removing the microfiber cleaning pocket from the mop head.

2. When removing the microfiber pocket, release the quick fasteners and then use lavenders loop on the pocket side. Refrain from contacting dirt and the hot pockets at all cost. Empty the unit’s water reservoir, and make sure you're very cautious when removing cleaning pockets since they can be too hot due to the steam produced. Instead, wait for about three minutes for the unit to cool

3. Do not use the steam mop on heavily soiled surfaces. When using a Shark steam mop, the floor should not be heavily soiled because you’ll be smearing dirt all over the area and the results will be undesirable. Besides, you should understand that steam mops work well if the surfaces have been regularly checked and need light cleaning. Alternatively, if you've just bought a steam mop, clean your surfaces the old way and then maintain with the steam mop and you’ll save much time and effort

4. Use the steam mop only on sealed surfaces. This is a general floor care. Shark steam mops need only to be used on sealed surfaces since excess moisture might damage the floor surface. The best thing is always to test some hard surfaces if you’re not sure to use the machine on that spot.

steam mop by Shark

5. So which is the ideal way to store your Shark steam mop after use? The best way of storing your unit is by hanging it up. But before doing so, make sure its head has been detached from the entire system, cooled down, and all the steam has been released. After removing the head, hang the unit on a hook. However, if you need to store the unit standing upright, always store it with its microfiber pockets detached. Most importantly, keep it away from high traffic areas especially where there are children

Final Thoughts

Now that we have looked at Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System using your steam mop should not be as complicated as most people claim. All you need to do is stick to the guidelines discussed above, and the entire process will be a walk in the park. To ensure your Shark Steam Mop stays in a tip top condition and does not incur you costs on repair, also adhere to the maintenance tips discussed above and you will enjoy a lifetime service from your Shark Genius Pocket System Mop. Besides the Shark genius pocket mop, there are other Shark Steam Mop models you can find on the market. All you need is to pick the one that fits your budget and specifications as well


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